Odiyan Retreat Center


A symbol of the heart of the Buddha, the Enlightenment Stupa was completed in 1980 rises 113 feet high in the eastern direction of the mandala.

For thousands of years, the stupa has been honored as a symbol of enlightenment. Stupas have the power to support realization and remove confusion and obstacles. They bring healing, peace, and harmony for the individual, the environment, and all beings.

The Odiyan Stupa symbolizes the transmission of the Dharma to the new world. It is situated in the eastern quadrant of the mandala, looking out to the mountains of Sonoma.

Empowered through the grace of the enlightened lineage, the stupa has the power to receive prayers and offerings and transform them into merit. Therefore, the stupa is known in Tibetan as the precious receptacle for offerings. A treasure house of blessings, it is an unending source of benefit for beings of all times and places.