Odiyan Retreat Center


Get real-world experience in organic farming at Odiyan. Learn practical skills from our master gardeners in our 2.5 acre community gardens, orchards, and greenhouses. You will engage the entire process from seed to plate, including learning to cook your own produce as you help prepare meals for the Odiyan community. Odiyan farm and gardens are part of our sustainability plan. And we often produce enough to give away to our sister organizations, friends and neighbors.

Hands-on training

  • seeds: choosing vegetables and varieties
  • greenhouse germination vegetables and flowers
  • bed preparation, direct seeding, and transplanting
  • use and maintenance of drip and sprinklers irrigation
  • companion plants, medicinal plants, insect and bee friendly plants

  • establishing raised beds and hoop house
  • using rototillers and other equipment
  • composting and mulching
  • harvesting: including cleaning, storing, and preserving (pickling, freezing, fermenting, canning)
  • dealing with pests
  • good weeds, bad weeds

Includes room and board, stipend, acquiring new skills, opportunities to participate in Buddhist practices and study.

All new residents must be fully vaccinated, including the first booster recommended in 2021. The current 2nd booster (2022) is not required.

Interested or have questions?

Odiyan Volunteer Office