Odiyan Retreat Center


In the Tibetan lunar calendar there are special times when the power of prayer and the merit generated are greatly increased. These auspicious days are celebrated monthly by the Odiyan community in four of the main Temples, usually in the early evening. 
At the ceremony’s opening, dedications are read out loud, naming the sponsors and beneficiaries, as well as the specific prayer or aspirations. Ceremonies consist of a variety of rituals: prostrations, circumambulation, both outside and inside the temples, incense offerings, prayers, mantra, blowing conch shells, meditation, and reading sacred texts.
We invite you to participate in our Temple ceremonies by dedicating prayers and good wishes to a person, a special occasion, or to yourself. Sponsoring a ceremony dedication is traditionally seen as a meritorious action, bringing blessings to the sponsor as well as to the beneficiaries.

There are four different ceremonies that regularly take place:

• Padmasambhava Day
• Full Moon
• Dakini Day
• New Moon

There are two sponsorship options:

• Temple Ceremony $108.00 – $150.00
• Bell Ringing $ 25.00

After you select one of the sponsorship buttons below, you’ll then be able to:
– write a dedication including the beneficiary’s name,
– enter your name and email address.
– complete payment as indicated.