Odiyan Retreat Center


In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition offerings of light have great significance. Light represents the flame of awakened mind, which perceives reality without obscurations. Dispelling the darkness of ignorance, an offering of butter lamps symbolizes the Buddha’s teachings, wisdom, and compassion for all beings.

Ongoing Butter Lamps are a gift for all occasions and for any length of time, one week at least: this dedication may celebrate a special event, or dedicate prayers to friends and family in happy or hard times.

Traditionally the Ongoing Butter Lamps can light the way to a person who is about to die or has already passed away.
Ongoing butter lamps dedicated to a dying or deceased person or animal, particularly in the 49 days of the Bardo of Death, can be powerful and healing. The light will direct the deceased’s consciousness towards the light and a favorable rebirth, reducing fear and emotionality during the state of transition.

Your dedication will commence on the day after your submission and will be read out loud two times a day.

• Ongoing butter lamps 
   – $ 25.00/week
   – $100.00/month 
   – $154.00/49 days of the Bardo

Symbolically, light offerings dispel the darkness of ignorance and reveal the light of the Buddha’s teachings, wisdom, and compassion for all beings.