Odiyan Retreat Center

Vajra Temple


In the western direction is Vajra Temple, a symbol of the diamond light of Awakening shining in all directions.     Learn More

Vairocana Garden

A garden sanctuary encompassing a 25 ft. Reclining Buddha and the magnificent Vajra Bell.     Learn More

Cintamani Temple


Cintamani Temple completed in 2008, stands 140 feet high in the southern direction of the mandala.    Learn More

Enlightenment Stupa

Rising to 113 feet in the East, the Enlightenment Stupa is a symbol of the Heart of the Buddha.    Learn More

Copper Mountain Temple


The heart of the Odiyan mandala is the Copper Mountain Temple.    Learn More

Temple Ceremonies

Sponsor a Temple Ceremony dedicated for the benefit of yourself and others.   Learn More