Odiyan Retreat Center



at the Vajra temple

Dedications at Vajra Temple are usually for blessings of auspicious events, prayers for general health and longevity, successes in new ventures, anniversaries, births, and recovery from illness.

Reciting mantra, the Odiyan community circumambulates outside the Temple with incense and blowing conch shells. Inside the Temple prayers of supplication and aspiration are offered to Guru Rinpoche along with circumambulation, mantra and sacred text readings.


at the Vaircana Garden

Dedications at Vairocana Garden are suitable for physical and mental health, balance and happiness and protection and blessing upon death. Lord Buddha Shakyamuni is invoked on the Full Moon.

The Vajra bell is rung as practitioners circumambulate the enshrined Parinirvana Buddha chanting Shakyamuni’s mantra, blowing conch shells, scattering rose petals and reciting prayers. Offerings are made in the shrine room followed by the reading of sacred texts.

DAKINI DAY – 25th day

at the Cittamani Temple

Cintamani in Sanskrit means wish-fulling gem. Requests for blessings and good wishes for all kinds of purposes can be dedicated at Cintamani, such as births, marriages, general concerns or to commemorate those who have passed.

During the ceremony the large Dharma Bell above the Temple plaza is rung as Odiyan residents circumambulate chanting mantra and blowing conch shells, followed by meditation and prayers in the Temple.


at the Enlightenment Stupa

The shape and form of the Stupa communicates blessings that heal the mind and benefit all beings. Suitable dedications are health, longevity, recovery from illness, blessing upon death, birth or marriage and general concerns.

There is an offering of incense as the Stupa bell rings. The Odiyan community  recite prayers and circumambulates the inner and outer walkways three times each while chanting  mantra and blowing conch shells.