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Attention Ceramic Artists!

Embark on a Unique Artistic Odyssey:

Craft 186 Ancient Stupas

Are you driven by the creation of exquisite, meaningful art?

We invite skilled ceramic artists to partake in a remarkable endeavor – the completion of over 186 ancient stupas, to surround one of the world’s most beautiful living mandalas. This large-scale project not only promises to be personally rewarding but also allows you to channel your artistic finesse into creating something extraordinary and historic.


NEW Work-Study in Action resident volunteer program begins in 2024! Join our unique Buddhist sacred art project which includes a program Buddhist study and classes, meditation instruction, mindful cooking and more.

Begins early February  Contact Us now for more details and the application.

Your work with the Clay Stupas will include the following:

  • Broad instruction in Buddhist art and architecture
  • Comfortable accommodation and nutritious meals
  • A monthly stipend of $200/$300 after one year

Minimum commitment: 6 months, with preference for people who can commit to the full program of 8-9 months.

Saturdays with a Purpose:

Beyond your contribution to making the stupas, your Saturdays will involve a harmonious blend of responsibilities, from lending a hand in the kitchen to nurturing our vibrant gardens and cherished animals. Find fulfillment in diverse tasks that nourish both the environment and the soul.

Interested or have questions?

To express your interest,  please use our ‘ Contact Us’ form. We will get back to you right away. 

Join Us in Crafting History.

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