Wind Prayer Wheels

Support peace in the world – The 1000 Wind Prayer Wheels Project

Since ancient times in the Himalayas prayer wheels and prayer flags have been used to bring peace and harmony; balancing the negative forces of nature, preventing natural and man made disasters.

Recently at Odiyan, a Tibetan retreat center in Northern California, new wind prayer wheels have been designed that efficiently turn in a gentle breeze or a quietly turn in a wind storm. They are beautiful and captivating to watch.

The wheels are filled with sacred mantras specifically to harmonize the negative energies that lead to wars, conflicts, hostility and also natural disasters.

We plan to make 1000 of these wind prayer wheels in 2018.  The first few hundred will be placed on the roof of a new 2000 Prayer Wheel structure dedicated to world peace which will encircle the Main temple of Odiyan.  Once complete this will be the largest installation of Prayer wheels and wind prayer wheels in the world.

We will then offer the wind prayer wheels to the world, with specific attention to places of past brutal wars and death as well as areas of current conflict. In time, it could be possible to have wind prayer wheels throughout the world.

We need to raise $25,000 to complete 1000 stainless steel wind prayer wheels that should last 50 years or more.

We ask your support. Here is how you can take part :