Odiyan Retreat Center


Connecting to the Sacred in the Modern World.

a 10-week class with Maria Helena Kubrusly

This course explores the meaning, value, and practice of prayer. Too often, our rational mind questions what the heart knows. But we can feel the presence of the sacred even in the midst of the tribulations of daily life, and the whirlwind of information and news we receive every day. In our hearts we know the existence of something bigger, beyond our routine and everyday concerns. But when we turn to this more open and inviting dimension we may feel insecure, skeptical, or even embarrassed.

To help heal our discomfort, we can look at the attitude we have towards prayer – how we relate to prayers and how we relate to the sacred. Through special practices, meditation, contemplation, mantra, and Kum Nye exercises, we will explore how our prayers can be a direct channel to higher awareness. In this way, our prayers can have value for our world and for ourselves.

Date and time:
This is a 10-week course.
April 16 to July 25,
Saturdays, 8:30 am-10:00am, PDT

Maria Helena Kubrusly is a founding member of the Nyingma center in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  An Odiyan resident since 1999, Maria Helena works regularly with Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche on administrative and community matters.

She is deeply involved in the devotional aspect of life at Odiyan participating in ceremonies, temple offerings, and practices. Maria Helena has offered this course in the US, Brazil, and Europe, online​ and in person​.