Odiyan Retreat Center


A caring approach to dissolve and transform emotionality.

a 14-week class with Leigh Deering

  • Explore the inner conditions that produce emotional reactivity
  • Discover and learn how emotional patterns arise
  • Practice unconditional acceptance attitude that heals emotions
  • Protect your heart and head from your own negativity
  • Apply the process of healing emotions during daily life.

Through guided meditation, Tibetan yoga, reflection and open group sharing, the process that leads to emotionality is directly explored. This course goes beyond an intellectual understanding, so we can embody a lived experience of actively offering care to ourselves, and then extend caring to others.

Date and time:
This is a 14-week course.
April 16 to July 23,
Saturdays, 10:30 am-Noon, PDT
(No class July 2)

Leigh has been studying and teaching the Odiyan Caring program, developed under guidance of Tarthang Tulku, since the Caring book was published in 2018.

She has been a resident volunteer in the TNMC community for over 20 years, and living at Odiyan for the past 11 years. Working and communicating with a wide variety of people from around the world in her role as volunteer recruiter, she also leads sacred art production in the specialized process of sublimation printing.