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Treasures for Peace

Helena Gold

Helena began studying, practicing and teaching Tarthang Tulku’s books in 1986. In 2004 she moved from Brazil to the US to become Program Manager in the Center for Skillful Means, Dharma Publishing. Since 2008, as Odiyan resident, Helena is practicing, studying, and working under Rinpoche’s guidance. Helena was invited to join Nyingma International Centers Board of Directors in 2009.

Treasures for Peace – New years Program

A special gift for the new year, to inspire you in the challenges and to support you in difficult times.

Online experiential retreat with Helena Gold
Based on Tarthang Tulku’s latest book Gesture of Great Love (DP 2022)

Date: January 19th – 21st, 2024
Day: Friday 17:30 – 19:00, Saturday 9:00 – 10:30/ 11:00- 12:30/ 14:00-15:00, Sunday 9:00 – 10:30/ 11:00- 12:30/14:00 – 15:00

“When you learn to embrace yourself, to offer yourself a gesture of love, you become free from limitations and the claims of the ego. Healthy and happy, you have an abundance of inner resources from which to draw. “
Tarthang Tulku in Gesture of Great Love

Gesture of Great Love develops three unique approaches, three treasures to enrich your experience of inner peace: Love, Compassion, and Wisdom 

– Love is our birthright! Love has the power to open our heart to acceptance and appreciation. But we need to understand and care for the whispering doubting mind that resists these gestures of love. Once this happens, our hearts open to love in action.

– Compassion is a bridge to peace, and to empathy with the pain of others. Compassion has the power to gradually develop into a true union with all living beings, as we all share basic human conditions and the same cycles of existence. But we need to understand and transform our human tendency to escape from suffering to begin to experiencing compassion in action.

– Wisdom is the antidote, not to suffering, but to ignorance, which is the root of suffering. Wisdom is the path to understanding how ignorance ‘makes friends with mind’ to experiencing wisdom in action.

This retreat will offer practical ways to bring these treasures into your daily experience.

Fee: $240
If requested, we will offer financial assistance.