Odiyan Retreat Center

Caring While Working

Helena Gold

Helena began studying, practicing and teaching Tarthang Tulku’s books in 1986. In 2004 she moved from Brazil to the US to become Program Manager in the Center for Skillful Means, Dharma Publishing. Since 2008, as Odiyan resident, Helena is practicing, studying, and working under Rinpoche’s guidance. Helena was invited to join Nyingma International Centers Board of Directors in 2009.

New Series of ‘Caring’ Teachings

During the classes we will explore the following questions …

  • What does it mean to take care of my body while working?
  • What obstacles to harmony and balance can occur while I work?
  • Which qualities and skills transform my work into a source of satisfaction, personal growth and a meaningful life?    
  • What it takes to care for our wellbeing while working?  
  • How can our inner resources bring more joy and results?
  • How to skillfully integrate caring for myself and for the task at hand simultaneously?

Work, which makes a large part of our daily experience, is an opportunity to actively develop and perfect the human universal qualities turning life into a rich and meaningful experience. By learning to care and appreciate ourselves and our work simultaneously, we can transform the frustration and tension we often experience at work into a source of enjoyment and satisfaction.  

This course will support you to restore the natural balance between caring for yourself and having a fulfilling and successful working time. You will explore ways to apply positive qualities and skills of the body and mind while working nurturing the feeling of accomplishment that work provides.

The course will be presented in three modules:

Module 1. Caring for your Body while working

Module 2. Nurturing Positive Skills and Qualities 

Module 3. Meeting with Effective Mindfulness ‘on the job’

In this course three books will be our guides: SM, MSW and Caring

6 Saturdays; 9:30 – 11 am
March 16 – April 20 2024

Fee $180

If you are interested in registering for this program please send Helena an email. Click the enroll button.