Odiyan Retreat Center


A Caring For Mind Course: Course 1

– based on the book Caring by Tarthang Tulku

– instructors Ralph McFall and Helena Gold

What to expect:

  • Understanding how mind’s structures keep us trapped in suffering
  • Activating the care that can free us from mind’s restrictive patterns
  • Practicing paying attention and staying aware of how mind is directing every facet of experience
  • Mind creates problems in our daily life, but is that all it does? 

Caring awareness allows us
to study, in depth and great detail,
how the rhythms of our experience occur.”
– Caring (p.107) by Tarthang Tulku



  • We will learn to listen to the Caring teachings with an open and receptive mind.
  • We will explore and reflect on how mind’s power shapes experience.
  • We will practice activating the wisdom of caring in our daily life. 


Participants will be invited to engage various ways of exploring and learning the course topics: through reading texts, Tibetan Yoga, meditation practices, guided reflections, sharing discussions and self-exploration practices during daily activities. 

“Responsibility for caring
manifests in being willing
to question our experience.”

– Caring (p.140) by Tarthang Tulku


An 8-week Sunday course
(Skip February 5th, 2023) 

January 8 – March 5, 2023
9:00 – 10:30 am PST 

Donation: $200

Ralph McFall has worked for the Nyingma organizations for 40 years. A past Dean of Nyingma Institute he is currently Director of Dharma Publishing, in addition to printing books for Yeshe De projects.
As an Odiyan long term resident, Ralph is one of the Instructors of the Classes & Books team.

Helena Gold has worked for the Nyingma organization in Brasil since 1986. In 2008 she moved to USA to work for Dharma Publishing at the Center for Skillful Means Programs. Helena is currently Director of Nyingma Centers International. 
As an Odiyan long term resident, Helena is one of the Instructors of the Classes & Books team.