Odiyan is pleased to offer its first-ever on-line class of Tarthang Rinpoche’s visionary teachings:

Time, Space and Knowledge.

The class is open to newcomers, long-time TSK practitioners, and all those in between.


TSK On-Line Course #1:   Space and Embodiment – Discovering Openness

PLEASE  NOTE: Only 1(one) spot left for the Saturday class. Register now! The Sunday class is filled. 

Choose one of two class times:

Time : Saturday 10:30 am – 12:00 pm  PST  

Dates : March 31 – May 5, 2018   


Time: Sunday 9:00 am to 10:30 am PST   This class is filled and not taking any more registrations.

Dates: April 1 – May 8, 2018

(Classes will meet via  Zoom; students will be notified of the link by email the day before each class)


Carolyn Pasternak is delighted to be teaching this course. She began studying and practicing TSK in 1979 and has experienced the TSK vision as truly transformative – right at the top of the list of spiritual teachings that have profoundly affected her life ever-after.

The classes will focus strongly on the TSK exercises with lots of practice together. As students actually start to experience the insights of the TSK vision in their practice, we’ll read portions of the text in Tarthang Tulku’s first TSK book, Time, Space and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality.  

As Carolyn says, “Most people (including me, in the past) have found the book difficult or even intimidating, but once you begin to get even brief glimpses of the reality and power of the TSK vision, through practicing the exercises, the book becomes accessible – and provides astonishing revelatory insights into the openness of space, the dynamism of time, and the pervasiveness of knowledge, present and available right now in our lives.”

Join us in this first-ever opportunity! In the spirit of TSK, this is a venture into the unknown for all of us participating in this course. We plan to continue in successive 6-week courses, working our way through the entire TSK book


Course Donation: $120.00

Come explore the TSK vision!

100% of the proceeds support the Odiyan community (food, health-related needs, etc.)

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