At first glance, Odiyan may look like a traditional monastery, but rather than devoting the majority of our time to study and meditation, our daily practice is work.

We seek volunteers who are willing to apply energy, mindfulness, and discipline to their work, no matter the task. We expect a positive attitude, an openness to a perspective and lifestyle of work as spiritual practice, and an understanding that work will be central to your life here.

The Odiyan lifestyle does not draw a clear distinction between “work” and “life.” We try to use our time productively and to engage fully in the projects at hand. We forge our friendships through hard work, and we also make an effort to take time for appreciation of our efforts and accomplishments.

Sacred Art: 

For 2018-2019: The major monumental sacred art construction project is the creation of 2000 prayer wheels surrounding the Main Temple, which will also support a solar panel array on the north side of the mandala.  The purpose of this year 1-to-2 year project is to reverse the negative momentum of our world, restore balance in nature, and heal the pain of so many beings who are victims of war, hatred and natural disasters.

For more information about the mission and meaning of this project,  see the Prayer Wheel brochure here.

The work is heavy-duty steel fabrication for building the supporting structure.  The on-site manufacture of the prayer wheels involves copper work, plating, machining parts, assembly, cutting and welding metal. We will also be installing a full solar panel array which will involve building, electrical and construction skills.

In addition, our bronze foundry is  producing Buddhist statue sacred art for our temples as well as for shipment to Buddhist communities abroad. We also produce sacred Buddhist texts. While you certainly do not need to be Buddhist to work here, you should be prepared to be surrounded by and engaged in the production of religious art and imagery. Much of the art and texts we create are distributed through our sister organizations worldwide.

Other Work

As a new volunteer, you will learn many new skills and be expected to participate in other work such as

  • gardening
  • landscaping
  • cooking (don’t worry, we teach you vegetarian cooking!)

You will do more familiar types of work like maintenance and gardening. We have 80 acres of landscaped grounds, including many orchards and two acres of vegetable gardens. You’ll prune fruit trees, install and maintain drip irrigation, fix broken pipes, repair leaking roofs, assist with vehicle maintenance and repair, feed horses, plant vegetables, can fruit, and clean bathrooms. With initiative and attention, you’ll have the opportunity to learn skills such as basic construction, welding, heavy equipment operation and maintenance, small engine repair and maintenance, and ornamental and vegetable gardening.The variety of work demands a sincere flexibility as volunteers work in different areas and find their place within the community.

We are currently seeking new people to become  longer-term lead vegetable gardeners. You can come with some gardening skills and learn new ones!

We also need and appreciate  people who can do  IT work, web development, marketing, and writing projects. If you have these skills to offer,  and  you can also dig in the dirt, prune trees for hours or learn to mix and pour concrete, you will be right at home at Odiyan.

Over time, most volunteers settle into one or two work areas that they connect with; others continue to divide their time among many projects.

Physical abilities: Due to the variety of work expected from incoming volunteers, you must be healthy and able to work physically, lift 50lbs or more, and bend and kneel for long periods of time. We work to be mindful with our bodies, to build strength, and prevent injury, but the physical work remains a key part of life here.  Consider prior back or wrist/elbow injuries before applying; they will often be exacerbated here.

The work schedule runs Monday through Saturday. The work day begins at 7:10 am with work meetings  and finishes at 7:00 pm, though as mentioned above, we pay more attention to an integration of life and work than we do to keeping strict hours. We take breaks in the morning and afternoon, and a lunch hour. New volunteers ease into the work schedule with shorter work hours. Sundays are dedicated to personal time for classes, reading, study, exploring the land, or a side-project of personal interest. Occasionally we will work together on a Sunday afternoon on a particular large project with a short deadline.

We ask for a lot of effort and mindfulness from volunteers. Volunteers who succeed here are able to take initiative, be reliable and responsible, follow directions, and display attentiveness and engagement with work, both by themselves and as part of a team. Come eager to learn and work, to stretch yourself, face challenges, and grow as a human being. In exchange we offer a truly unique experience and an opportunity not only to learn skills and offer your energy to a project, but to learn about yourself, to study your mind more closely, and to connect to other spiritually minded people in an active, engaged environment.


We would like to hear from you! Send us a message using form below with your questions, interests or anything else. If you are interested in applying, send your resume and photo to