Outer Accomplishments

Odiyan is a work in progress.

Since 1975 hundreds upon hundreds of people have spent time at Odiyan learning new job skills, discovering how to meet job challenges and problem solve tasks.

The resulting legacy of accomplishment is awe inspiring.

Volunteers have built nine temples, planted thousands of trees and flowering plants throughout the one thousand acres, landscaped hundreds of acres of gardens and parks, developed food, water and energy sustainability, created water and land habitats for animals, birds and insects, sustained sacred art and literature projects for the benefit of Buddhist cultures worldwide and managed the administrative structures to underpin all these activities.

The challenge now is to continue with the creative projects that serve Odiyan, the earth and humanity while developing systems to maintain Odiyan into the future.

You can join in this learning, engaging and challenging way of life for your own benefit, knowing that your contribution will have a lasting value.

Contact us using the form to the right or by phone  (510-981-1987) to find out how the Odiyan experience can make a difference for you.!