Inner Paths



At Odiyan we are creating a rare and unusual environment, complete with sacred temples in a beautiful natural setting protected by positive energies and the high intentions of vision and purpose. We engage daily life with the ideal of developing our ability to change our own mindset through knowledge and understanding, rather than through struggling to force ourselves to change.

At times throughout the year, classes and discussion groups are formed for a few months at a time to delve into topics based on the  writings of Odiyan’s founder, Tarthang Tulku.  See the current class and discussion schedule hereODIYAN Classes Jan 2015

New residents can also participate in traditional Buddhist chanting at the morning and evening formal meals and in the chanting and circumambulation on the  Full Moon ceremony days. After three months residency newer residents can request to attend the weekly meditation  on Sunday afternoons. After six months residency you may request to attend the daily morning meditation at 5:40am and the Lunar Ceremonies held four times a month.

All classes, practice and study sessions are optional. Some volunteers are here simply because they enjoy the work and the environment.



What Our Volunteers Say …

“I spent most of my life prior to Odiyan listening to music, playing drums, playing tennis, staring into space and not paying attention in school. At Odiyan my mind stream shifted from mostly thinking about myself and my life to thinking: “How can I help the earth and the people and life that coexist on it.”  –Tim, 25

“I learned of a Buddhist perspective on the mind, how one “practices” daily while mixing concrete or preparing a meal. My year at Odiyan has uncovered for me a great potential I not only see in myself, but in all with whom I have worked. Odiyan is a way to learn and a way to live, applicable to all means of life.”  –Matthew, 24

“I learned skills past the scope of my education, but rewarding and enriching all the same. Most important was how much I learned about me. I had some experience testing my physical limits with college athletics, but Odiyan pushed my body, mind and soul in ways I never had to before. From this I gained deeper understanding about my motivations, inspirations and development leading up to my time here.”  –Ben, 24