Odiyan Retreat Center

        Planting the Seeds of Healing – USA

“Planting Seeds of Healing” comes to America to heal and transform places of great suffering due to ecological disaster or violent human actions. By participating in this project of burying the ancient Tibetan sacred symbol called ‘tsa-tsa’, you contribute to the restoration of harmony and peace in America.


What is a tsa tsa?

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a tsa tsa is a sacred object for healing nature and the social environment. In areas where they are buried, tsa-tsas have the power to heal past wounds and traumas felt across the generations of humankind. Each hand-made kiln-fired tsa tsa has Buddhist sacred images and mantras on the outside, and special empowered mantras and prayers inside. Making tsa tsas, placing them in ground or consecrating where they have been buried are all meritorious acts that benefit all beings and the environment where they are placed.


A global project.

In the last four years tsa tsas have already been buried at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps in Germany and Poland; in 23 locations in the Israel/Palestine region, and in Brazil. The burying of the tsa tsas includes ceremonies of inter-denominational prayers for healing from different traditions. Learn more about this global initiative: http://www.seeds-of-healing.org/


Planting Seeds of Healing in America

Help to heal suffering of the past and present throughout our country. Express your caring and wish for unity, harmony and goodness for all Americans and for the land of America.
Join in by sponsoring one or more tsa tsa to be buried on the first Global Goodness Day, Oct. 14th, 2018.

The first two tsa tsa burial sites have been chosen for their symbolic importance:

  • The fire zone in Sonoma County, CA for healing suffering from natural disasters.
  • A childcare center in Oakland, CA for healing the consequences of human violence.

Future locations being developed are in North Carolina to heal suffering from racial division and in Washington,   DC.


All sponsors, as well as their friends and family are invited to attend the ceremony conducted during the burying of the tsa tsas. You may read aloud, or have read aloud by us, your own special wish for goodness. People from all faiths and religions and walks of life are welcome to join in.


Sponsor one or more tsa tsas ($54 each) for Sunday, Oct. 14th, 2018.

Upon receiving your donation for sponsoring a tsa tsa, we will contact you with details on the location and ceremony.

If you have questions, please email lindac@forceofgoodness.org


Circle of Virtuous Action

Planting the Seeds of Healing USA is organized jointly by Force of Goodness, Planting Seeds of Healing International and Odiyan Retreat Center. 100% of your sponsorship of tsa tsas is donated to the temples of Odiyan. In this way our combined collective efforts unite to form a circle of positive intention, prayers and generosity for the benefit of all beings, and especially for the people, animals and land of America.