Odiyan Retreat Center

Odiyan Retreat Center is a spiritual and ecological sanctuary high on a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. Modeled after Tibet’s first monastery – a three-dimensional mandala – Odiyan models a way of life that integrates work with a path of self-exploration.

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Meaningful Work for Body, Mind and Spirit.


Construction of Buddhist symbols in clay.

Join our international team on a completely unique sacred art project creating 170 – 6 foot Stupas (Buddhist sacred monuments).  Stupas are molded in clay, then fired and assembled. This project will run for all of 2021. If you are strong in body and good with your hands in using tools, you can be trained in this very special Buddhist art form.

Metalwork and construction

Learn or share skills in welding and metal fabrication. Help finish interior construction on a temple, or work outdoors on a mile-long circle enclosure featuring sacred architecture and Buddhist symbols.

Landscaping, farmimg, gardening and fire protection work.

Help maintain and develop extensive Temple gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and hundreds of acres of forested land and open meadows. Almost all of Odiyan’s residents particpate in the upkeep of the land and gardens, or work in the vegetable gardens producing our home-grown organic food.

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