Odiyan Retreat Center

Join “Caring from the Heart”, an interactive online course offered by Odiyan Retreat Center Programs in Northern California. This course is based on Tarthang Tulku’s most recent book, Caring.

The Caring from the Heart Course is an experiential, dynamic journey of self-discovery, which will allow you to integrate the healing energy of the heart into your daily life, as a gift to yourself.

This course is designed to expand our ability to care from the heart about and for ourselves. This allows us to explore a broader and deeper understanding of “Caring” through guided meditation practices, Tibetan yoga exercises, interactive reflections, and open group sharing.

2021 Course Instructors

Barbara Belew

Barbara has a Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and a BA in Education, and has provided teaching and psychological treatment for adults and children for nearly 50 years. She assisted as an editor of the caring book prior to publication, and has participated in the development of the Caring Program curriculum. Barbara has taught several Caring courses and retreats, both in-person and on-line.​

Janet Smith

Janet has a Bachelors degree in Education and a graduate certification in Special Education. She has been a student of Tarthang Tulku’s teaching for 40 years and has lived within the Nyingma community since 2006. Janet is currently studying and teaching the Caring courses and retreats. She is a resident of the Odiyan community where she is a member of the Sacred Art sewing team.​

Barbara and Janet are members of the Odiyan Retreat Center Program Faculty