In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, offerings of light have great significance. Offerings of light are appropriate when one wishes to celebrate special events, say prayers for friends and family during difficult times, or in the days following someone’s death.
Symbolically, light offerings dispel the darkness of ignorance and make tangible the light of the Buddha’s teachings, wisdom, and compassion for all beings. Light is also said to represent the flame of awakened mind, which illuminates reality as it is.

There are two ways you may make butterlamp offerings at Odiyan:

Sponsor a dedication of 108 Butterlamps on any ceremony day listed on our Ceremony Calendar.

Dedications can be for those experiencing illness, to celebrate a special occasion or for alleviating the sufferings of a particular event or ongoing adverse situation.

Your dedication will be read out loud at the time of the lighting of the butterlamps.We will dedicate your butterlamp prayer request at the closest Ceremony to the date of your submission or on a Ceremony date which you choose.



Sponsor continuously burning butterlamps  for one of more weeks, one of more months or for the 49 days of the Bardo.  Weekly and monthly dedications can be for any occasion, event or place.

Butterlamps for the deceased purify past negative deeds, help direct consciousness toward a favorable rebirth and reduce fear during the state of transition before rebirth.

Your dedication will be read out loud each day during the period for which you subscribe and will commence on the day following your submission.
$25.00/week         $100.00/month         $154.00 for 49 Days of Bardo