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Nine months ago, we launched Odiyan’s first-ever online TSK courses.  Two groups of students have worked intensively with the TSK teachings and exercises in the Space and Time sections of Time, Space and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality. The groups have grown close, sharing joys, frustrations, explorations, creativity, observations, ideas, and impact of TSK on their everyday experiences. The classes are dynamic and fun, and students are gaining immediate experiential connection to the TSK vision.

This Winter 2019 we will offer two programs.  The on-going program will continue and shift its focus to Knowledge: the immediate and knowing dimension of all reality and experience, the interplay between the openness of Space and the creativity of Time.

TSK - Time, Space, and Knowledge - Odiyan online course


And, with widening interest in the TSK teachings, we will again offer the entire on-line program, starting with Course 1.  Our experience since April 2018, has shown that students can quickly and readily dive into the TSK vision, and experience significant and important new ‘knowings’ in their everyday experience. This program is proving to be a wonderful vehicle for students to mutually experience, share and appreciate significant and illuminating growth. Do join us!

Course #1: Space and Embodiment – Discovering Openness

Enrollment:    This course is open to anyone interested in TSK – newcomers to long-time practitioners – who have not yet participated in the Odiyan on-line TSK programs.

Dates: February 6 thru March 13, 2019 (6 classes)

Times: Wednesdays 9:30AM to 11AM, PST

Course Materials: Time, Space and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality (purchase here)

Course Donation: $120.00

Space is our initial access, the doorway into the vision emerging in Tarthang Tulku’s initial book in the TSK series, Time, Space and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality.  In each class, emphasis is on practicing the TSK exercises from the Space section of the book. Using a seminar format, students share their practice experiences, which are then interwoven with the book’s vision and teachings, not only from the perspective of space, but also time and knowledge. We will work in depth with our ordinary perceptions and assumptions, beginning to recognize, experience, and delight in Space providing infinite opportunities – the opportunity to open up everything.

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What are the Time, Space and Knowledge Teachings?

How do You Introduce Newcomers to the TSK Teachings?

The Time, Space, Knowledge Exercises

How Can I Connect TSK to my Regular Life?

Course #5: The Emergence of Great Knowledge

Enrollment:  This course is open to students who have taken TSK Course #1 (Space and Embodiment: Discovering Openness), Course #2 (Our World: A Gateway to Great Space), Course #3 (Opening Time), and Course #4 (A Self-Challenging Vision Opening to Great Time).  Long-term TSK practitioners who have not taken these courses, email contact@odiyan.org for a phone appointment to qualify. Please include your phone number.

Dates: February 3 thru March10, 2019   (6 classes)

Times: Sundays:  9:00AM to 10:30 AM PST

Course Materials: Time, Space and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality (purchase here)

Course Donation: $120.00

With our extensive study and practice of Space and Time, we are now ready to explore Knowledge, the fruit of the TSK vision. Everywhere we look, ‘knowingness’ is always available to us. But ordinarily we try to achieve knowledge, and from our conventional perspective, the events and facts which we know are never enough. And so we continue to chase knowledge, as knowables and known things isolated from ourselves.

Great Knowledge is accessible, in fact, is ‘in’ everything, so we don’t need to depart from our usual knowledge and achieve a new ‘state’. In this course, we will practice exercises that explore and examine the basic presuppositions behind our usual thinking, feeling and knowing. Because of our growing and intimate familiarity with Space and Time, our Knowledge practice can unlock the realization that there is a natural continuum linking lower knowledge to higher knowledge.

 “Great Space and Time are ‘here’. Great Knowledge can appreciate the opportunities and value they offer. The rest is just a matter of living out this unfolding vision in everything we do.”

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How is Knowledge Different in the TSK Vision from Ordinary Knowledge?

The TSK courses are taught by Carolyn Pasternak, who has been studying with Tarthang Rinpoche and working in the TNMC/Odiyan community for 40 years. She has been a TSK lover and practitioner for 38 years, and is delighted for the opportunity to guide others in exploring and accessing the Time, Space, Knowledge vision.